Stick with the best sticker, label, and decal printing services in Singapore

Hillier Industries is your one-stop destination for all your label and sticker printing needs. We offer an extensive range of high-quality, industry-grade sticker, label, and decal printing services, such as warning labels and sticker printing, that can be used in many applications and places.

Our screen-printed stickers are some of the most premium, durable, and high-versatile forms of stickers, being able to be used anywhere, from storefront windows to product identification. The ink we use ranges from UV to solvent, which means it can tolerate most kinds of harsh conditions, even if used for outdoor purposes. Whether you are looking for sticker labels or decal label printing, many of our products utilise a 3M sticker base, which is some of the strongest and best-quality sticker bases you can find in the market.

If you are looking for some of the best quality sticker and decal label printing in Singapore, you are looking at the right place. Our experienced team of printing spcialists is able to recommend you the best sticker for your specific need. Additionally, we also ensure every step of the process is well-taken care of, from designing to printing and application of the sticker, label, or decal. Our team have the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to handle your printing needs, ensuring that your desired design looks best on your product.

What is the difference between decal, label, and sticker?

Decals are decorative stickers that are more graphic-focused and are meant to relay a more subliminal message and capture attention. They are usually meant for outdoor purposes. Labels are informational stickers with much more descriptive text on them and are intended to communicate relevant context to users regarding the proper and safe use of the product. They are usually meant for indoor purposes.

Every decal is a type of sticker, but not every sticker is a decal. Knowing the difference between the three is vital in selecting the right one for your specific need. Our team at Hillier Industries can better advise you on the proper selection, helping you choose the best-suited sticking solution.

Printing your own vs professional printing services

Printing your own sticker, label, or decal is possible, especially if your business is really new and tight on budget. However, with a limited range of materials, sizes, and shapes, the printed result might not be as tolerable as professional ones when it comes to harsh conditions, such as oil, heat, or moisture. Professional printing services, such as Hillier Industries, utilise more sophisticated printing processes, creating better quality stickers, labels, and decals with superior ink adhesion and crispness. They also are able to print in a broader selection of printing materials that last longer, even in harsh conditions.

You should consider engaging professional printing services, even as a new business, as it’s additionally value-for-money if you print in bulk and get quality results at the same time. You are essentially paying for industry expertise and quality finish.

Hillier Industries is committed to providing nothing except the best quality decal, labels, and stickers that are suitable for any needs. Using an array of modern, quality printing machinery and materials, we are able to provide premium printing services at an affordable price.

We are committed to delivering quality and prompt services. Contact us to get started with us today!


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