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Since establishment in 1981, Hillier Industries Pte Ltd is regarded as a pioneer in U.V. offset and silkscreen printing of nameplates, overlays and labels to serve the Singapore, Malaysia and Asia Pacific market region. The fundamental founding principles of the company were, and remain to this day are, high quality, competitive pricing, quality service and full commitment to the customers.

Over the years, the Company has developed techniques and has been acquiring modern equipment’s to produce new and high-quality products in meeting with customers' standards and requirement. The continuous performance over the years have seen sales and capabilities increase since 1990 while maintaining profitability and stability.

As a certified stock supplier, once and on-going to several major customers, including Lucent Technologies, HP, Rosemount and the likes, the Company is proud to acknowledge its achievements and has since set exemplary stories for generations to follow.

The Company value its staff support and commitment being Customers as First Priority, Services, Innovative, Creative and Competitive towards continuous improvement in every aspect.

Mission Statement

We are not about the cutting corners to make a particular project fit on a template. With us, you can rest assured that we look carefully and honestly at how best we could deliver your printed projects to your budget and your schedule, distinguishing possible concerns ahead of time and making use of creative thinking to generate ideal results. Contact us today and let us help you with your printing concerns.

Great Services

We only offer best service to our customer as priority to our core services.

Highest Standards

We set to give our customers with only the best quality of product we can offer.

Professional Team

As collaborated professionals, we produce the best quality of work every step of the way with understanding of the needs and want from our customer.

Creative Solutions

We give the best creative solution to our customers who might be facing any custom designing difficulties along the way.

Printing Services Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily offer nameplate, labels and sticker printing services. But our company has grown into offering more services throughout the years.

Ever Since 1981 in Singapore. We have served many MNCs and SMEs around the region. This calls for amass of printing experience that made us grown into who we are today.

Unfortunately no, but we are able to do jobs that already has an artwork that needed execution. If required, we are also able to do modification to the artwork before production.

Once all product has passed our QC checks, we will do all the necessary labeling and packaging for a hassle-free experience to use when you received it. We will also be shipping to your location Free Of Charge with the major shipping companies in Singapore.

Definitely! For any queries do head over here for free a quotation.

We accept Cheque, Bank Remittance or Cash. Do enquire from us should you have preferred payment method of your choice.

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