Marketing is a powerful promotional and branding tool. In fact, print materials have always been and will continue to be, an effective way to create brand awareness. You can easily reach a broad audience range with promotional materials, such as banners and posters. However, one often overlooked tool is custom stickers.

Promotional stickers are a cost-effective and successful manner to market your brand and can be used in several ways to get your brand noticed.

Maximising your brand awareness with custom stickers

Promotional stickers are ideal because they can be used in many varieties of areas. They make for great selling items or even as free promotional giveaways during events. People of all ages appreciate a sticker with catchy slogans and creative designs. They are also a great way to increase brand awareness as people use them on personal items, such as water bottles, mobile phones, and laptops.

Think of them using your custom stickers as a personal recommendation for your brand, turning your sticker into effective word-of-mouth marketing. Want to create a real buzz for your brand? Here are some straightforward ways you can achieve event success with custom stickers.

1. Covetable swag

Stickers are such an affordable marketing tool that you can easily give them away during events. They are a great way to generate conversations about your brand. You can design it simply by including your brand logo or using your brand slogan. Everybody loves free items, even for something as small as a sticker.

2. Add an offer

Promotional stickers are great for getting your brand noticed. Adding a tempting offer or promoting a new product makes your sticker highly engaging and interactive. It is a great way to spark a conversation, raising awareness about your brand and its latest product. You might want to consider designing the promotional sticker in the design of the new product, including vital information about it, such as an interesting feature or the launch date.

3. Match your sticker to your business

Try matching your sticker design to the nature of your business. For example, if you are promoting sustainability, going for an eco-friendly design is probably the best way to promote your brand. However, if you are promoting outdoor adventure, you might want to consider elevating your sticker with resin doming.

Top tips for designing effective custom stickers

Stickers are effective marketing and branding tools, only if done well. It is not always enough just to have an amazing design. You also need to evaluate what you hope to achieve and how the design can help you achieve so.

  • Plan ahead and establish a goal: Effective design requires adequate planning. Hence, set an end goal in mind even before beginning the design process. If you are looking to boost online traffic, you might want to consider incorporating a QR code for easy access to your brand’s website.
  • Simple is best: Do not attempt to squeeze in as many design elements as possible into the sticker. Stickers can come in all sorts of sizes. However, they are most preferred if they can fit on smaller items, such as water bottles and mobile phones. It may be tempting to squeeze in as much information as possible. However, sometimes just including your brand logo could be the single element you need for a successful marketing strategy.

What makes a sticker stand out?

It is vital to consider several factors when designing a sticker that gets attention and promotes your brand effectively. By carefully evaluating some of the mentioned elements, you are able to craft a memorable and visually striking branding tool that reflects your identity and value perfectly. Here are some key considerations:

  • Bold colours: Choose contrasting, vivid colours that will make your sticker pop, ensuring that the colours align with your brand.
  • Unique shape: Use a distinctive shape to boost the memorability and visual appeal of your sticker. Think boldly and creatively when exploring shapes that are relevant to the message you are trying to bring across to your customers.
  • Typography: Always use an eye-catching, legible font that complements the overall design. The words on your stickers should be readable, even from a further distance.
  • Quality materials: Durable, high-quality materials, such as vinyl, are ideal for stickers because they last long, ensuring that you are able to promote your brand for a decent amount of time. Investing in quality materials allows you to maximise your promotional potential, getting the optimal return on interest.


Promotional stickers are highly effective in helping to make your event successful and memorable. They can be printed in any size or shape and can be used in several manners, such as decorations, promotional items, product packaging, or as labels.

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