Labels and stickers complete the look of your product. Whether they are a way to communicate vital information, or a finishing touch to your packaging, using custom labels and stickers is how you stand out from your competitors.

While considering the finishing and printing capabilities of your packaging, the same cannot be more different for labels and stickers. They have gone past just being a communication tool. Today, symbols, such as crossbones and skulls, are understood as harmful or toxic.

Beyond symbolic purposes, labels and stickers add a nice personal touch to your products, allowing brands to build long-lasting and genuine business-customer relationships.

In this article, we will look at what they are, why they are beneficial for businesses, as well as the printing and finishing options that are available.

What are stickers and labels?

Stickers and labels make a huge difference when considering the overall packaging experience for your brand’s customers. If you are looking to expand your business and improve the overall user experience, it is a good idea to consider customised label and sticker printing. They are particularly beneficial for businesses that have decided to use stock packaging.

Using custom labels and stickers is not only a cost-effective method to enhance the look of your product, but it also allows for distinct differentiation between your brand and your competitor. With a variety of shapes and options that can be tailored to your brand design and colours, labels and stickers are highly versatile.

Why are stickers and labels ideal for packaging?

You will find that they have a wide range of usage. They can be used to send across vital information, such as ‘fragile’ or ‘flammable’. However, they can also be used as an aesthetic element to boost branding.

1. Information

Labels and stickers have the ability to grab attention. Hence, if you have got any vital information to send across about the product, they are the answer you are looking for. While some may perceive warnings as a slight drawback, it actually boosts the credibility of your brand. Being transparent builds customer trust and loyalty, which ultimately boosts brand narrative and reputation.

2. Marketing value

If you want to make a strong first impression as soon as your customer receives your product, then it is a no-brainer that labels and stickers can provide that boost. You can create artwork stickers with your logos and designs or leave a fun, personalised message for a more authentic feel. They cost relatively little while still being able to drive your brand value effectively.

3. Communication

Labels and stickers can convey to customers a lot about your brand, from providing the product’s vital information to the amount of effort being put into the overall product experience. They add to your brand’s overall experience and story in an efficient manner. Labels and stickers convey what your brand believes and values and how customers can expect the best experience.

Professional printing vs DIY

There are a couple of ways to perceive label and sticker printing. If you are running a small brand that does not deal with huge shipping of products, then maybe you could print them on your own. You might need to invest in a specific printer to do the job, but it is doable.

However, professional printing can help you save supplies, effort, and time while ensuring quality, allowing you to focus on creating the best product. In addition, the higher the volume the job is, you might also sometimes be given bulk discounts. The other benefit of engaging a professional printer is the professional guidance that comes with it. They are able to guide you on the best specification and designs for well-printed labels and stickers.

Also, professional printing can assure you of the quality of their printing materials, and you have more options to choose from in terms of design and finishing.

Material options

No matter what type of look and design you are going for, there will be the material for you. Here are some of the more popular material choices for label and sticker printing.

  • Polyester (white paper and kraft): They come in several sizes and shapes. They can also be made to appear more chrome-like, mirror-like, or metal-like. They are highly durable, allowing them to be used in both exterior and interior applications.
  • Static cling vinyl and vinyl: Industrial vinyl stickers are ideal for label printing as they are resistant to extreme weather and chemicals. They are also highly flexible, allowing you to maximise their use for outdoor use. Static cling vinyl works best if you are looking for stickers that will stick but not ruin the surface.
  • Velvet, felt, and foil paper: Foil paper stickers are ideal for those looking for something more aesthetically pleasing. If you want a little more texture and dimension to your product, then opting for velvet and felt does help to elevate the overall look. A reason to add such unconventional elements is that they offer a more interactive experience for your customers, which is one of the many effective strategies for designing labels.

Printing options

  • Sheet-fed offset: If you only handle small to medium-sized orders, sheet-fed offset is ideal as it allows individual sheets to be fed into the machine. This is beneficial for a smaller label and sticker printing process before deciding to commit to a bigger order need.
  • Digital: If you want stunning and vivid details and colours, then digital is the way to go. They are weatherproof and waterproof. Additionally, the labels and stickers are printed in 1440pi resolution, which means the quality of the image is immaculate.
  • Rotary offset: The images are placed on a curved cylinder and printed. It is an ideal printing option for those wanting bright and vibrant colours.


Now that we have explored some of the printing options, it is time to check out the available finishes that you can have for your labels and stickers. Here are some of the more popular ones.

  • Glitter or holographic films: The label and sticker design are digitally printed with white ink, which is then formed from acrylic and metallised vinyl for a finished look. The combination makes the end product aesthetically reflective.
  • Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP): BOPP is a plastic-based material. They are known to be long-lasting and are highly resistant to heat, oil, and fading.
  • Gloss and matte lamination: They are durable and resistant to water and oil. The only difference between gloss and matte finishes is the shine.


With that being said, label and sticker printing certainly is a vital branding tool that can go a long way when planned and executed well. And it all starts with their design. With so many finishing and printing options to work with, engaging a professional label and sticker printing company, such as Hillier Industries, is the way to go.

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