Product labels are usually the first component of a product people notice. After all, consumers cannot test out the effectiveness of a product while in-store or online, but they can take note of the design and information on its label.

However, labels don’t just attract consumers’ attention. They also showcase brand personality, promote product features, and differentiate brands from their competitors. Hence, brands today try to design visually appealing labels that are also informative and thoughtful.

Here are a few strategies to help your label stand out on the shelf or webpage.

Make the label interactive

With so many options available today, visuals alone cannot reel consumers in; instead, individuals are more likely to buy from a brand that keeps them engaged and provides an immersive shopping experience.

One option is to add holographic images or optical illusions in your labels to compel consumers to take a second look. Additionally, if you’re packaging items like shampoos or aromas, you could consider scented labels, which would engage consumers’ different senses and thus pique their interests.

Another way to bring your labels to life is to add scannable codes that can drive unique visitors to your website or provide big data on consumer behaviour.

Ensure the label is memorable

When designing a product label, you have an endless assortment of fonts, images, colours, and layouts. To enhance the memorability of the label, you need to consider what combination works with your brand image and product offerings.

For example, do photos or hand drawings fit the product better? Should the font be big and bold or calligraphic and elegant? All these elements should highlight the main message so that it sticks in the consumer’s mind.

You can also encourage consumers to hold onto these labels by giving them a long-term purpose, such as offering a prize if all labels are collected.

Focus on environmental sustainability

In recent years, consumers have increasingly emphasised environmental sustainability and are keen to buy from brands that help them go green. The effect of this trend on businesses is apparent: walk down the aisle of any grocery store, and you will find products labelled as “eco-friendly” or “green”.

However, consumers have also been growing more discerning and are less likely to take these claims at face value. Hence, even the product label should be sustainable to indicate a serious commitment to the cause.

You can create an environmentally friendly label by choosing a base material that is neither harmful to the environment nor the people using them. It also helps if the label is reusable, meaning people can peel them off and stick them to their laptops or refrigerators as decoration, reducing waste.

Inject humour and relatability

It can get boring for consumers to keep seeing labels with brand logos, product information, and costs printed on them.

Therefore, it helps to add jokes, word games, or puns that make the product more approachable and appealing so that it stands out from the crowd and attracts a second glance.

Pick a suitable colour scheme

It is always crucial to align your colour palette with your brand personality. The vibrancy of these colours also matters: brightly coloured product label designs capture the consumer’s attention, while pastel colours appear friendly and lowkey.

Additionally, if the product is in a clear bottle or container, you should ensure the label does not clash with its contents.

It also helps to use unique colour schemes based on the occasion. For example, your product label could have a red and gold colour scheme during Lunar New Year and a purple and white one on Women’s Day.

Keep things simple

Keeping your label simple and clutter-free allows consumers to focus on and quickly process the main message. Hence, it would be best to balance aesthetics and simplicity without compromising the quality of the information provided.


The product label captures consumers’ attention and influences their decisions. Therefore, creating an impactful and visually appealing label that highlights the product’s best qualities is essential.

You can refer to our guide here if you’re considering whether to print your own labels or engage a professional label printing service.

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