It is August, which means in a couple of months, it will be the end-of-year holiday season. As we countdown to the holiday season, it is vital not to underestimate the capabilities of print marketing materials.

While digital marketing is in trend, with many brands and businesses adopting new technological strategies, combining them with physical print materials can help to maximise and optimise impact and success.

Commercial printing services are still a vital component for brands and businesses, offering unique benefits that digital mediums are not able to replicate. Whether it is label and sticker printing or eye-catching nameplates, commercial printing can have the ability to connect with and captivate your target audience effectively.

In this article, we will explore the importance and enduring appeal of employing commercial printing for holiday promotions.

1. Emotional appeal

Year-end holidays are a time of sentimentality, nostalgia, and emotions. Print materials are able to tap into such emotions, evoking joy and warmth that digital mediums are not able to replicate. Through heartfelt messages and creative designs, your business or brand can strike a chord with your customers, connecting them to you on a personal level. Printed materials can genuinely captivate your customers, offering little to no distractions as compared to digital mediums.

In a society that focuses on digital marketing, the year-end holiday season can become saturated with online information. Embracing commercial printing can set your brand apart from the standard crowd, allowing you to achieve better responses to your holiday promotions.

2. Tangibility

One of the primary strengths that commercial printing has over digital media is its tangibility. They are able to capture your customers’ attention better, allowing your brand to leave a lasting impression in their hands. It also allows them to interact with your product physically, offering them a tactile experience that engages different senses.

With commercial printing, your brand is able to inject into the printed product creativity and personality that will foster a genuine connection with your customers.

3. Versatility

Printed materials like stickers and labels have many options and come in a variety of materials, sizes, and formats. With commercial printing, you have the flexibility to customise the details according to your specific needs. Its versatility enables you to create products that are professionally presented and visually stunning so as to elevate the image of your brand.

4. Authority and credibility

Printed materials add authority and credibility to your business. A well-crafted piece is able to put across a sense of trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism, which can then be translated into having increased confidence in the quality of your services or products.

5. Multi-channel marketing

Printed materials do not have to stand alone; they can be combined with digital mediums. By incorporating custom URLs or QR codes onto them, you are able to achieve both with minimal effort, engaging your customers and driving traffic to your business webpage or social media accounts. This multi-channel marketing approach means that you can reach customers across various mediums, promoting your holiday promotions and maximising their impact.


Commercial printing certainly is a marketing strategy that your brand can leverage to maximise reach and traffic. If you are looking for a quality-assured commercial printing service provider, then look no further than Hillier Industries. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our commercial printing services’ quality has been the cornerstone of our offset printing company.

Employing techniques such as die-cutting, laser marking, and press stamping, we are able to provide your brand with top-of-the-line printing services that will elevate your brand to greater heights. Contact our team to speak to us about your commercial printing needs today!