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We offer the best and most precise die-cut printing services in Singapore and around the world. From geometric patterns to shapes and designs, our die-cut service in Singapore uses custom die tool shapes to help you achieve your desired product.

Die Cutting (Custom Cut-out Label Shapes)

Die-cut printing refers to a type of printing process in which die cuts are employed to create custom designs and shapes. A specialised metal tooling piece, also known as a die, is used to cut a specific shape or design out of a material. Think of it as using a cookie cutter, but instead of cutting a sheet of cookies, the die cut machine is cutting out your specified design or shape from your desired material. The use of a die ensures uniformity in all your finished products.
Depending on your product specification, die-cut printing is available in three vital processes:

Flatbed die cutting

The process uses hydraulic presses to press the die down on the material. Flatbed die cutting is preferred for larger-size products and low-volume projects and is typically used when working with heavier and thicker materials over 1/8 inch, such as metals.

Semi-rotary and rotary die cutting

Both processes use rollers to pass webs, which are flexible, long sheets of material, through a machine that contains a rolling die that cuts the material. For semi-rotary die-cutting processes, the cylindrical die moves in one direction, with the press moving the web back and forth while cutting it, allowing for a quicker printing process. Also, they are generally faster than a traditional rotary die setup.

Any designs, any shapes, any sizes

Create as many labels, decals, or stickers as you can with our die-cut service with a great level of accuracy. They come in individual whole sheets or individually-cut pieces. Whether you are applying them on the front windows of your business or to identify your product, our die-cut printed products are guaranteed to be highly durable and premium. Additionally, we also use a 3M sticker for most of their bases, perfect for allowing the design to truly stand out on its own, making a perfect impression.

Need a quote? Here is what we require from you!

Do note that our die-cut printing service does not include designing your print job from scratch. Hence, an initial sketch of your design will be required before we are able to offer an accurate quote. Your product’s final quantity, shape, and size will be factored into the final quotation.

However, you can be assured that your initial design will not necessarily be the final design. Once we have your initial design, we are able to modify it, if necessary, in order to help you achieve the desired result. The approximation of your design is to help us get an initial quotation, and we will tweak it accordingly should any changes be made.

Once your print job is completed and properly vetted, we will deliver to your exact location for free, no matter where you are in Singapore, ensuring stress- and hassle-free experience with us.

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