Wide-format printers are designed to print on large paper and range from two to 15 feet in width. These printers commonly use inkjet technology to print on various mediums, and they can cost thousands of dollars. UV LED lamps that are fitted on these printers help to provide several advantages to its user. They are used for specific ink printing and are positioned after the printheads so that the ink can be cured immediately in the printing process. Here are some benefits of having UV LED lamps in a printer.

Versatility in printing applications

LED lamps do not emit infrared lights or radiant heat; the print medium will not heat up remarkably during the printing process. They are cool to the touch and have reduced heat output, which enables them to be used in a broad scope of printing mediums, resulting in highly stable calibration. Therefore, with ease and precision, LED lamps can print on heat-sensitive substances such as self-adhesive sheets and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Furthermore, these lower lamp temperatures also contribute to less heat in the printing room and can help reduce air conditioning usage.

Efficient and productive operations

Another great benefit of LED lamps is that they can instantly switch on and off. There is no wind-up time needed for the printing process to start, and they help to get it done much quicker. LED lamps can also be tweaked to adjust their brightness levels based on the printing needs. This results in effective and productive printing operations, as more materials can be printed throughout the day, and printing operators do not have to wait around for the printers to start up every time a material requires printing.

High durability and energy savings

The average service life of a LED lamp is about 15,000 hours if we do not regard temperature reduction. This translates into five years of printer usage or for the printer’s life. They generate a steady output throughout their lifetime with no downtime. Since LED lamps are turned off when they are not in use, this helps improve their service life. Furthermore, less heat is released from a LED lamp, and if a printer overheats, it will require lesser rework and replacement of parts than traditional printers.

Lastly, LEDs have low energy consumption rates, which will help with significant power and energy savings. LEDs also do not give off any hazardous materials or generate chemical compounds that are harmful to the environment, making them easy to dispose of. Therefore, it is a much more environmentally friendly way of printing on a large scale.


Hillier Industries is a veteran in the printing industry, and we aim to serve our customers with products and services of the best quality. If you are looking for offset printing services in Singapore, UV printing is a great way to print on a large scale while reducing the harmful effects on the environment. Furthermore, UV Led lamps’ precision and stability produce high-quality printed results. Speak to us today, and we will gladly assist you with your printing needs.