The label and sticker printing industry is constantly moving forward. Hence, it is vital to keep up with some of the trends in order for your brand to stay competitive and relevant to what consumers are looking for.

With the year ending and as brands are stepping up their branding game for the end-of-year holiday season, so can you enhance your marketing promotions with the following design ideas. In this article, we have compiled some of the top design ideas we have seen trending this year that you could implement in your coming brand campaign.

1. Transparent labels

Transparent labels

These labels enable the product to remain visible yet not scrimp on vital information, such as allergen warnings, nutrition, and ingredients. It is also ideal for brands looking to offer their customers concise and clear labels without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect of their products. With a clear background, your customers are able to see the content of the product easily.

2. Simple geometric shapes

Simple geometric shapes

The use of simple and clean geometric shapes, such as triangles, squares, and circles, creates a minimalistic, modern aesthetic that is both easy to read and visually pleasing. It is also ideal for brands looking to convey their product to their customers in a professional and sophisticated manner.

3. Flat illustration

Flat illustration

These illustrative designs are highly recognisable and bold yet simple. They are significantly versatile and can be employed to create a broad range of designs, from professional and serious to whimsical and playful. It also is ideal for brands looking to enable their products to stand out on the shelves, creating a lasting and memorable impression.

Some examples of flat illustrations might include images of certain cartoon characters that might be associated with the brand. In that case, flat illustrated label designs is particularly useful for brands that are nostalgic to most people and want to create a solid connection with them.

4. 60s psychedelia

60s psychedelia

You see this on a lot of alcoholic canned drinks. This design choice features trippy graphics, bold patterns, and bright colours that are both playful and eye-catching. It certainly is a design choice that will stand out from conventional label designs. If your brand is going for a vibrant and fun image, then this design choice is certainly one to consider.

5. Text-only designs

Text-only designs

This minimalist design approach generates a modern and clean look, ideal for brands wanting to convey a professional and sophisticated look. Similar to the design of geometric shapes, text-only designs are highly popular among luxury brands or any brand that is aiming to generate a high-end image.

6. Smart labels

Smart labels

Interaction is key in this design choice. These label designs utilise technology, such as NFCs and QR codes, to offer consumers the opportunity to not only interact with their products in a unique way but also save design space and provide additional product information, such as sustainability and sourcing information. The thing about smart labels is that they can easily be implemented in any of the label designs in this list and are ideal for brands that want to offer their customers additional information about their products.

7. Colourful minimalism

Colourful minimalism

This label design combines the vibrancy of bright, bold colours with the simplicity that minimalism brings. By choosing such a design approach, brands are able to create an eye-catching and modern aesthetic that enables their products to stand out from the competition.


With an increasing focus on minimalistic, transparent, and sustainable designs, brands that are capable of incorporating these label designs effectively into their product designs will be able to create a memorable and strong image that will resonate deeply with their customers.

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