Despite the rise of digital marketing, offline advertising through print materials remains a highly effective way of boosting brand awareness.

Print materials typically refer to brochures, posters, and banners. However, many often overlook one more marketing tool: custom stickers. Even though custom stickers can promote different businesses and brands creatively, they tend to be pushed aside due to some misconceptions.

In this article, we will be debunking the five most common misconceptions surrounding custom stickers.

1. Custom stickers have limited uses

There are a variety of ways in which you can use custom stickers, mainly because they can stick anywhere.

Most manufacturers provide you with various options for stock materials, quantities, sizes, and spaces. By making the right selection, you can ensure that the final product suits whatever mood or environment you’re looking for.

One of the most common ways to use custom stickers is to put them on as a product tag to provide information or promote discounts. However, you can also stick it on bulletin boards and packaging to increase brand exposure.

You could also hand out custom cut-to-size stickers as freebies, which consumers usually welcome. They can then be stuck on laptops, water bottles, or even cars, thus boosting brand awareness.

2. Custom stickers don’t add value to your campaign

Custom stickers give your brand or campaign an offline presence in a visually aesthetic way.

Stickers are smaller than other printed marketing materials, making them more approachable and easier to interact with—for example, unlike a business card that one either throws away or keeps in a wallet, stickers can be placed anywhere for everyone to see.

If they’re visually impactful, they can leverage micro-moment marketing to create immediate interest and increase the chances of word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, it is crucial to plan the design carefully: the graphics, colour, size, and shape should draw attention to the main idea.

With the ability to grab attention while stuck on different items like phone cases and laptops, custom stickers can help your campaign reach an even larger audience.

3. Quality stickers aren’t affordable

Price is a major concern for all businesses, regardless of size.

Though you may be tempted to minimise spending and get the cheapest stickers, you should also consider the importance of quality. A low-priced sticker of poor quality creates a bad impression and may even harm your brand.

It would be best if you researched to identify manufacturers of durable and well-designed stickers. Many places offer stickers at an affordable price, so you can enjoy their benefits without breaking the bank.

4. Cut-to-size stickers are better than rolled-out stickers

Whether you choose cut-to-size or rolled-out stickers depends on what you need. One is not inherently better than the other.

Cut-to-size stickers are easy to mail and hand out during promotional events. On the other hand, rolled-out stickers are easy to peel and dispense. They are also compact, which makes them ideal for easy and hassle-free storage.

5. Wholesale custom stickers are of poor quality

The quality of your custom stickers depends entirely on your choice of stock material. Most manufacturers allow you to select from a range of stock, with some being more durable and able to withstand harsh environments. Hence, you should choose the stock that suits your needs best.


With these misconceptions debunked, we hope you better understand the effectiveness and usefulness of custom stickers. If you decide to purchase custom stickers, here are some amazing tips that will bring it to the next level.

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